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The Benefits of Sealants

Sealants protect teeth from the bacteria that cause decay. There are numerous small grooves and crevices on the chewing surface of teethsealants where bacteria can easily become trapped and be difficult to brush away. When trapped bacteria lingers on teeth, tooth decay can eventually set it. Sealants help prevent decay by creating a smooth surface on teeth so bacteria cannot become trapped. At Today’s Dental, Dr. Tiberiu Oancea and Dr. Jeromy Thornton are your Houston, TX, dentists for sealants.


How Sealants Help

Sealants help prevent tooth decay by sealing the crevices, pits, and grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth so bacteria and debris cannot become trapped in those areas. Bacteria are so small that brushing does not always clear away bacteria completely. Lingering bacteria causes plaque to form on teeth, which can lead to the development of tooth decay. By sealing the places where bacteria readily hides, sealants make it difficult for bacteria to linger on the teeth and cause decay.

Sealants can be applied on the teeth of both children and adults. They are especially beneficial to children as studies have shown that children with sealants are less likely to develop cavities versus children without sealants. With good oral hygiene habits, sealants can last for as long as five to ten years before reapplication is necessary. However, your Houston, TX, dentist can examine your sealants during your regular dental checkups to ensure reapplication is not yet needed.


How Sealants are Applied

The molars or back teeth can benefit the most from having sealants applied. The large chewing surfaces of the molars contain numerous grooves and crevices where bacteria can easily hide, which makes the molars particularly vulnerable to developing decay. Sealants are applied by first cleaning the teeth, then brushing the sealant material onto the chewing surfaces of teeth. After applying sealants, the material is cured with a special light that helps it dry and harden faster. Once dry, sealants create a smooth barrier and protect teeth from harmful bacteria.

The benefits of sealants include eliminating the places where bacteria hides and protecting teeth from decay. Sealants can be easily applied in your Houston, TX, dentist’s office. To protect your teeth from decay with sealants, schedule an appointment with Dr. Oancea or Dr. Thornton by calling Today’s Dental at (281) 580-0770.

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