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Crowns Give Your Smile a Second Chance

You've cracked a tooth. Now that its lost substantial structure, must you lose the tooth? Thankfully, there's a wonderful restorative dental crownsprocedure offered at Today's Dental. Called a crown, this restoration could cover and protect that damaged molar and save it. Your Houston dentists, Dr. Tiberiu Oancea and Dr. Jeromy Thornton evaluate cracked and decayed teeth for dental crown placement. Could yours qualify?

The dental crown

This wonderful restoration has been around for decades. In fact, it was first invented and used in 1889, says the Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Since then, dental crowns have improved in ease of placement and in materials used. Porcelain crowns are the most common and the most realistic. Porcelain fused to metal crowns work well in a wide number of positions in the mouth.

Also, many dentists offer crowns to restore dental implants, marvelous and lifelike tooth replacements. Crowns also support fixed bridgework to span gaps created by the loss of multiple adjoining teeth. Finally, when a tooth is infected, a dental crown finishes root canal treatment.

What about your tooth?

Well, your Houston dentist will inspect it and evaluate how much healthy tooth structure is left above the gum line. He'll also X-ray it to view the surrounding bone and the status of the roots. If he judges that the tooth is salvageable, he'll take some oral impressions for the dental lab and also inject the area with numbing medication.

Next, the dentist will remove the decayed portions and fillings, shaping the remaining enamel to receive the crown. Finally, he'll place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it while the permanent restoration is made.

When you return to Today's Dental, Dr. Thornton or Dr. Oancea will remove the temporary dental crown and replace it with the new one. Most crowns fit perfectly right away, but your Houston dentist will take the time to confirm fit and bite so your smile looks, feels and functions well.

Keeping your crown

Most crowns last for years. Diligent oral hygiene keeps the crown site healthy, avoiding gum disease around the restoration and decay underneath the crown.

So, be sure to follow American Dental Association guidelines: see your dentist in Houston twice a year for check-ups and cleanings to keep ahead of plaque and tartar. Also, brush twice a day with a soft brush, and floss around your teeth, including the crown, daily. As with your unrestored teeth, avoid chewing ice, taffy, and non-food items as these can displace or chip porcelain restorations. Bite guards avoid the destructive forces of teeth clenching and grinding.

Learn more

Why not contact Today's Dental for a crown consultation? You likely can give that tooth a second chance. Call today: (281) 580-0770.

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