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Create A New Smile With Veneers

Changing the way your smile looks with cosmetic dentistry can have obvious and subtle results. Dental veneers’ versatile nature allowsVeneers you to get the look you want. Find out more about dental veneers and what they can do for your smile with Dr. Tiberiu Oancea and Dr. Jeromy Thornton at Today’s Dental in Houston, TX.

What can veneers do for my smile? 
Veneers are versatile and can correct many dental issues. A few of the most common uses for dental veneers include correcting the following imperfections:

  • chipped teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • discolored teeth
  • yellowed teeth
  • uneven teeth
  • small gaps between teeth
  • slight overlaps

Am I a candidate for dental veneers? 
Dental veneers require that a patient have realistic expectations for the results of their procedure. Veneers are a permanent procedure and, while they last for many years with the proper care, may need eventual maintenance or replacement. Your teeth should be decay and gum disease-free. Habitual teeth grinders or clinchers may need to look into options other than veneers. Candidates should also have enough healthy tooth enamel to support the restorations.

Dental Veneers in Houston, TX
Dental veneers require a two phase procedure. The first phase involves preparing the teeth by removing a small layer of enamel from their surfaces. Your dentist takes an impression of the prepared teeth and, if necessary, places temporary restorations. A dental laboratory requires about two weeks between the phases to design and create your veneers from the impression your dentist took. Phase two begins when the final restorations return to your dentist’s office. Then, your dentist can remove the temporary veneers and place the final products.

For more information on veneers or cosmetic dentistry in general, please contact Dr. Tiberiu Oancea and Dr. Jeromy Thornton at Today’s Dental in Houston, TX. Call (281) 580-0770 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!

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