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By Today's Dental
May 04, 2017
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According to the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, as many as 8  percent of Americans don’t see the dentist regularly due to dental anxiety. Many patients are anxious about going to the dentist because of the “dreaded drill.” The sound of the drill, combined with the heat and sensation is enough to keep them from getting required treatments. Now, your dental problem can probably be cured with a minimally invasive solution called Waterlase. It's a modern treatment that is available at Today's Dental in Houston, TX.

What Is Waterlase?
Laser treatments have become very popular in recent years because they are effective, relatively pain-free, and don't take a lot of time to administer. There’s a new laser solution available at the dentist’s office called Waterlase. It is a tool that uses highly energized water to remove unwanted tissue and decay from around a tooth. It’s considered an alternative to the dental drill.

How Can Waterlase Help Your Smile?
Waterlase removes hard decay, bad tissue and biological matter around your tooth without damaging the healthy tissue. So, if you have a cavity or infection, it can be used to cut away the decayed tissue so that the area can be properly cleaned and filled. Waterlase is also used to fix teeth that haven’t fully erupted (commonly wisdom teeth) and treat periodontal disease by removing inflamed tissue from around the gumline.

Waterlase Benefits
There are many benefits of Waterlase to consider in advance of your initial consultation with a Houston dentist at Today's Dental:

- It commonly requires a shorter visit compared to other treatments, like periodontal surgery
- Less need for shots and other forms of sedation dentistry
- No heat or uncomfortable vibrations during the procedure
- Reduced bleeding during the procedure and swelling  afterwards
- Less chance of developing hairline fractures in tooth compared to using a drill

Get More Information
A dentist at Today's Dental in Houston, TX can help you get your smile in better condition with a Waterlase treatment. Call (281) 580-0770 today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Tiberiu Oancea or Dr. Jeromy Thornton.

By Today's Dental
April 08, 2015
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Wouldn't all dental patients love to have an easier way to get things done - especially the anxious and fearful individuals who can't stand shots or long procedure times? Now there is a way to get many dental procedures - even more complex ones - done quickly, easily and without the worry and pain people associate with going to the dentist.

Modern Laser Dentistry is Fast, Painless and Effective

This innovation in modern dentistry is called WaterLase - a cutting-edge combination of a YSGG laser and an air and water tool in one instrument, guided accurately and precisely by the dentist. Used on gums, teeth, and even bone, WaterLase eliminates unwanted damage that traditional high-speed dental drills produce, helping to prevent additional problems with the treated tooth in the future.

The energy pulses produced by the dental laser are so quick that nerve endings in the patient's mouth do not have time to send pain signals to the brain. Many patients require less anesthesia or no pain management whatsoever when undergoing WaterLase procedures.

In addition, the air and ultra-fine water spray produced by WaterLase hydrates the tooth and keeps it cool, avoiding heat and vibration damage common to drills. When used to prepare a tooth to receive a filling, WaterLase preserves more of the healthy enamel.

What can WaterLase do?

Back in 1998, the Food and Drug Administration cleared WaterLase for dental work involving the hard tissues in the mouth - in other words, tooth enamel. Since that time, however, WaterLase has been cleared for more dental applications. Current usages are numerous and include:

  • treatment of cavities
  • preparation of teeth for sealants
  • biopsy
  • incision of oral abscesses
  • root canal preparation
  • treatment of canker sores
  • bone contouring
  • smile reshaping
  • gingivectomy (removal of gum tissue)
  • tooth whitening
  • treatment of periodontitis (advanced gum disease)
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems

In particular, patients like WaterLase for taking care of cavities. Using the WaterLase hand piece, the dentist removes the decayed enamel painlessly and quickly, and then prepares the enamel to receive tooth-colored composite resin. This durable filling material is bonded, smoothed, shaped and then hardened with a special blue light. The result is a filling that is stronger and far more attractive than the old-style amalgam fillings.

Dr. Tiberiu Oancea

Residents of the Houston, Texas area have access to WaterLase technology through Today's Dental. Dr. Tiberiu Oancea and his professional dental staff strive for the highest standard of care for their patients. Dr. Oancea's training and experience, combined with compassionate listening and care, result in excellent preventative, cosmetic and restorative procedures for patients of all ages. He can tell you more about how WaterLase can get your dental work done easily and precisely. Call Today's Dental at 281-580-0770.

WaterLaseThe World Health Organization found that about 60-90 percent of school-age children and almost 100 percent of adults have cavities. The only way to effectively treat a cavity is to remove the decaying parts of the tooth and fill it with a tooth-colored resin to protect the tooth from further damage or infection. However, if the sound of the dental drill instantly causes anxiety, you may find yourself cancelling your appointment out of fear. Now there is a way to fill your cavities without ever having to experience that drill ever again. With laser dentistry in Houston, we can now offer our patients WaterLase.

What is WaterLase?

WaterLase uses water, air and even a specialized laser to safely and effectively cut through your tooth’s enamel. It can be used in several dental procedures but is most often used to treat cavities.

What are the advantages of using WaterLase?

Besides removing the drill from the equation, WaterLase promises almost no discomfort during your procedure. The laser alone allows your dentist to properly treat the cavity with minimal and sometimes no anesthesia. Plus, the WaterLase is constantly spraying water to prevent the tooth from heating up, meaning that your procedure should be virtually painless.
Another major advantage of the WaterLase is that is more precise than the drill. The dental drill can only remove large parts of the tooth, which can cause the patient pain; however, the laser technology of the WaterLase is so precise that it can remove the smallest parts of the damaged tooth without causing further damage or discomfort to the patient.

Call Today's Dental in Houston, TX!

So the next time you have a cavity, don’t fear your upcoming procedure. Ask us about using WaterLase for your next filling and enjoy an easy, stress-free and painless dental experience. Also be sure to mention if you have dental anxiety so we can do our best to put your mind at ease through the entire procedure. Call us today if you suspect you have a cavity, or if you need to schedule your next dental appointment. Forget about your drill anxiety. With WaterLase, drills are now a thing of the past!
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