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By Today's Dental
April 23, 2020
Category: Dental Care
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Brushing your teeth is a normal part of the day, a habit you've practiced your whole life. Of course, while brushing is an important part of keeping your teeth and body healthy, it is crucial to practice other forms of preventative care to keep cavities, decay, and plaque at bay, as well.

At Today's Dental in Houston, TX, our dentists are dedicated to setting you up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Follow our tips for preventative care and you'll be flashing your dazzling smile for years to come.

Frequent, thorough brushing

Brushing your teeth is the most important thing you can do for your smile. Twice a day, or after meals, use a soft-bristled brush to reach every surface of your teeth, as well as along the gum line, to remove any bits of food or residue that can develop into plaque and tartar. Brushing is also a key way of keeping cavities from developing.


While brushing is an effective way of keeping your teeth clean, to remove every stray particle or trapped bit of food, you need to incorporate flossing into your routine as well. Make sure to floss between every tooth, inducing the back ones, to prevent bacteria from growing.

Eating well

Nutritious foods are important for the health of both your body and your teeth. Fresh produce and a balanced diet of grains, proteins, and fats are essential parts of a good diet. Furthermore, sugary foods and beverages should be limited as they can lead to decay and cavities.

Deep cleanings and examinations

You should have regular cleanings and exams with your dentist at our Houston office to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy. During a professional cleaning, your dentist uses special tools that remove stubborn tartar and buildup. Your dentist will also check for and treat any cavities that you may have, and occasionally take x-rays for a more thorough look at your oral health.

With preventative care and visits to your dentist at Today's Dental in Houston, you can have your best and healthiest smile. Call us at 281-580-0770.

By Today's Dental
May 04, 2017
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According to the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, as many as 8  percent of Americans don’t see the dentist regularly due to dental anxiety. Many patients are anxious about going to the dentist because of the “dreaded drill.” The sound of the drill, combined with the heat and sensation is enough to keep them from getting required treatments. Now, your dental problem can probably be cured with a minimally invasive solution called Waterlase. It's a modern treatment that is available at Today's Dental in Houston, TX.

What Is Waterlase?
Laser treatments have become very popular in recent years because they are effective, relatively pain-free, and don't take a lot of time to administer. There’s a new laser solution available at the dentist’s office called Waterlase. It is a tool that uses highly energized water to remove unwanted tissue and decay from around a tooth. It’s considered an alternative to the dental drill.

How Can Waterlase Help Your Smile?
Waterlase removes hard decay, bad tissue and biological matter around your tooth without damaging the healthy tissue. So, if you have a cavity or infection, it can be used to cut away the decayed tissue so that the area can be properly cleaned and filled. Waterlase is also used to fix teeth that haven’t fully erupted (commonly wisdom teeth) and treat periodontal disease by removing inflamed tissue from around the gumline.

Waterlase Benefits
There are many benefits of Waterlase to consider in advance of your initial consultation with a Houston dentist at Today's Dental:

- It commonly requires a shorter visit compared to other treatments, like periodontal surgery
- Less need for shots and other forms of sedation dentistry
- No heat or uncomfortable vibrations during the procedure
- Reduced bleeding during the procedure and swelling  afterwards
- Less chance of developing hairline fractures in tooth compared to using a drill

Get More Information
A dentist at Today's Dental in Houston, TX can help you get your smile in better condition with a Waterlase treatment. Call (281) 580-0770 today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Tiberiu Oancea or Dr. Jeromy Thornton.